Saturday, October 9, 2010

Still to play fixtures

 Here you will find all the still-to-play fixtures in the Barclays Premier League, with the dates and time they are played, as the matches are played I will comment on what I thought of the ones I do get to watch, for now though, just the fixtures:


  • Saturday 16th October
15:00 Arsenal vs Birmingham
15:00 Bolton vs Stoke
15:00 Fulham vs Tottenham
15:00 Man Utd vs West Brom
15:00 Newcastle vs Wigan
15:00 Wolverhampton vs West Ham
17:30 Aston Villa vs Chelsea

  • Sunday 17th October
13:30 Everton vs Liverpool
16:00 Blackpool vs Man City

  • Monday 18th October
20:00 Blackburn vs Sunderland

  • Saturday 23rd October
12:45 Tottenham vs Everton
15:00 Birmingham vs Blackpool
15:00 Chelsea vs Wolverhampton
15:00 Sunderland vs Aston Villa
15:00 West Brom vs Fulham
15:00 Wigan vs Bolton
17:30 West Ham vs Newcastle

  • Sunday 24th October  
13:30 Stoke vs Man Utd.
15:00 Liverpool vs Blackburn
16:00 Man City vs Arsenal

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